TCs in the 1960s

Only those who have owned a TC will understand the affection they generate and the fun one can have.
This is me as a teenager in 1962 with my first TC, registration LO-163, in Victoria, Australia. [Look at those pointed shoes!] In those days, I had no interest in perfect restorations  - just in keeping LO-163 going as my everyday, and only, means of transport. Nowadays a TC is generally a second or third car, used for pleasure. But when one is used to a modern and comfortable saloon, driving a TC again, on a sunny day, is an experience not to be forgotten.

Here is my second TC, bought in my early 20's while an engineering student at the .University of Melbourne. It had 16" wheels and larger carburetors. After T-boning a Ford Falcon in it, I bought it back from the insurance company and rebuilt it from bare chassis stage.

I got the bug for motor racing and started by entering this road TC in hill-climbs; this shot taken at Templestowe hill-climb near Melbourne. I was quite proud of that registration number, GMG-000. I wonder who has it now?

Whilst taking my Master's degree, I bought the well-known TC racer "Buttercup", bright yellow and very modified, including a highly-tuned BMC B-series 1800cc engine, MGA close ratio box, and 3.9 Holden CWP with 13" rear wheels and 15" at the front, on Dunlop racing rubber. It did around 14 seconds for a standing quarter mile - pretty quick in 1967. I raced this car for some years, and then moved on to single-seater Formula Ford 1600.

This photo taken at the fast 3-mile Phillip Island circuit.