MG TC "Midget" roadster - chassis number TC/9477 - manufactured 1949, at Abingdon, England

This car was bought as a bare chassis with gearbox. It is now restored to a complete car. I was able, over a period of two year, to find and purchase all the missing components. I bought parts as i could find them, at auto-jumbles and by much phoning about.

Because I returned this car to life, from a bare chassis, I make no apologies for using a few non-MG components, such as 5-speed gearbox, Ford diff [pumpkin], and an Aussie Datsun steering box conversion. The correct parts are available in my workshop, for a future owner.

Radiator shell and 8" headlight rims bought at Silverstone 2001. I found original M-140 headlight shells and 8" reflectors, and have had these repaired and re-plated. Steve Taylor of SVC supplied me with 7-inch seni-sealed beam units, but i have the correct rims and reflectors, the latter resilvered, which I may fit later.

  From five used dampers Graham Brown built a good set of four, adjusted to correct stiffness at front and rear.

Front hubs were converted to tapered roller bearings.


When I started building this car, I had the intention to run it on carburetters, but soon changed the plan to the use of a supercharger. Later photos show the Eaton blower [from Mercedes SLK] mounted on its special inlet manifold.