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Our first drive in TC/8233; no tonneau cover nor hood at this stage. Andrea well clothed for the cold. In Eric Worpe's small but well-equipped workshop in Guildford, 2007, modifying a spare XPAW engine block to TC specification. Pressing on at Calder Raceway, Melbourne, in "MG Buttercup" in the 1960s .
Before starting a rally in Hiro Nishio's 1932 MG J2, chassis J4302. Kobe MG Car Club, May 2005. Thanks for lending me your car Hiro! David Irwin's pretty and reliable cream 1948 MG TC/6132 XPAG-6799, next to TC/8233 in the market square Abingdon. TC 60th anniversary, 2005. My wife and navigator, Andrea, with David before the start, at Abingdon.
From left, Eric Worpe, John Steedman, and David Irwin, with John's superbly restored MG TC/0301, 1945, XPAG-1767, body B280 #1164. Mie Prefecture, Japan, after driving Sugimoto-san's lovely MG J2, chassis number J2574 during a BBQ at his home. In 2006, before setting off for lunch. Eric Worpe's quiet and smooth running red MG TC second from left. Eric's car is TC/0367, 1946, presently with engine XPAG-2414.

Richard Townley in his historic 1950s Aussie MG TC racer, the Patterson-Brydon Special. Mark Jablonski, owner of two MG TCs, standing. Mark and wife Judy making the first drive in his newly rebuilt MG TC. 
Melbourne 2002.
With historic car collector Hibino-san, Yukiko-chan, and his supercharged MG J2. Nishinomiya Yacht Harbour. Japan, May 2007.
Another Aussie MG TC. Rebuilt by John Oliver, Melbourne. Completed in 2005. Two MG TCs and an MG PB in deepest Sussex. Charlotte & David Irwin with Andrea, deciding on a route home from Brighton, after the MG Regency Run, May 2005.
1936 MG TA/0655 MPJG-0899 "barn find" discovered by Tim Jackson (owner of two MG TCs). Collection day, after its purchase by David Irwin. Kobe MGCC stalwart, pre-war MG guru, and expert MG MMM re-builder, Hiro Nishio, with his MG J2 racer. Kobe MGCC lunch near Tachikui, north of Kobe.
Yukiko Nishio lent me her MGF for a rally in Kobe. Thanks Yukiko-san.
John Steedman bought this MG J2 basket case from me in 2007. It turned out to be a J1, with matching engine & chassis numbers. John is rebuilding it with his usual care and attention to detail. Walter and Ursula Prechsl, of Obersulm, Germany, in their stylish MGA. Walter has sold his TC, but now has an MG VA.