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Hiro Nishio's pretty MG PB Airline Coupe, chassis PB0608, at Karuizawa, central Honshu, October 2005. Coffee stop, Oxfordshire. This MG TC belongs to a bric-brac shop owner in Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture, Japan, the city where I spend a lot of my working life.
Aspiring driver, Oscar, advises me on using the wheel hammer. Hiro built this supercharged special from an MG L2 saloon "basket case". And its new owner, Harada-san of Gifu, and I, try it for size. It was very fast. This was August 2007, and the day was 41C and very humid.
Early morning drive to an onsen (hot spring) restaurant with the Kobe MGCC group. This is Hiro's daughter, Ai-chan and me at the coffee stop. And after at Arima resort town. Hiro's MG J2 racer is fed by a small belt-driven blower in front of the radiator grille.

John Steedman and Hiro Nishio at MG Silverstone international meeting 2007. DJ Kopp and his very early MGB in Osaka. Unusual tonneau cover in stylish check cloth, on an MG TD in Kobe.
With the Kobe group, 2007. Warm clothing is needed in an open MG in Japan's winter. Passenger's view from TC/8233, near my Surrey home in 2007.
"Meet the MG" gathering at Fruit and Flower Park resort north of Kobe, May 2004. Andrea driving Kenji Matsuoka's MGB. Kenji with his 1930 MG M, chassis 2M886.
With classic car and bike collector, Sugimoto-san and friend, May 2004.