MG TC "Midget" roadster - chassis number TC/9477 - Rebuild 1


TC and TA owner David Irwin called in just at the right time to help me set up chassis TC/9477 on axle stands.

The chassis was already very straight, and being from California it had little rust. It had a few extra holes which needed welding up, and was then grit-blasted and finished in black two-pack. 

The front beam needed the king-pin eyes sleeved back to standard size, and was de-cambered to leave the front wheels close to vertical.


Rear axle case awaiting pumpkin and half-shafts. The English Ford pumpkin does not have a breather and so a new filtered breather can be seen near the top of the axle casing. Eric Worpe kindly welded in the BSP female fitting for this, and another for filling and checking oil, as well as welding on stiffeners to the spring bolt mounting feet. [Thanks Eric.] 

I am using a standard exhaust manifold with a Bell stainless steel pipe system - I had a special tail-pipe made to maintain 1.75" ID right through.

New road springs were fitted front and rear. Rear dampers not yet fitted in this photo.

Rear bearing carriers were machined by Roger Furneaux for a tapered connection to the half-shafts, and Roger also made me three half-shafts, one for a spare, to fit the Ford pumpkin.

Some of the small components for the handbrake and rear spring shackles are no longer obtainable and so after making drawings from old parts, I had replacements made and then zinc-plated.