MG TC "Midget" roadster - chassis number TC/9477 - Rebuild 2

XPAG engine was bored to +0.060", the crank ground, and crank and rods balanced. Flywheel was lightened, and head converted to "unleaded" with larger valves. The TD-style sump was later replaced by a TC sump, bought from MG collector Win Estes in Pebble Beach, and carried home as checked luggage.

Front pulley was temporary; now replaced by a three-groove pulley to drive generator belt and two supercharger belts. I had built this engine to be run on carburettors, and so the compression ratio, with an "8.6:1" head was 8.95 with the 0.060" pistons. This gave a lively performance, but much detonation with the blower, and the head was changed on 2007-11-25 for a standard thickness head with big valves, giving 7.54;1 CR and eliminating the detonation.

The DKY4A distributor was rebuilt with an advance curve to suit a supercharged engine.

XPAG/XPAW/XPEG engines series had a variety of oil pumps. I am using the type second from left, with 1/4 BSP outlet, so I can run hoses to a front-mounted oil cooler [Mocal 13-row]. I had the oil hoses made to my specification using 1/2" ID hose, with stainless steel braid, and swaged fittings. The oil cooler is hidden under the front apron panel and is not easily visible.



New body tub from Ian Murley, built from Hutson timber kit. Doors skinned in steel; remainder skinned in alloy. Tub problems were later sorted out by Steve Gilbert.