MG TC "Midget" roadster - chassis number TC/9477 - Rebuild 3

Progress at May 2002. The Eaton M45 blower kit was engineered by Steve Baker. I bought vee-belts and pulleys from an industrial drives supplier in Middlesex, and set the blow-off valve for 20-psi.  The idler pulley shown, running on the back of the vee-belts, gave trouble, so I made up a twin-vee pulley idler.
The 5-speed box just fits in the chassis, using modified TC rear mounts. Clutch is a 7.5" diaphragm type, fitted to a lightened TC flywheel. Special bell-housing, also from Steve, links XPAG engine to 5-speed box, but looks correct. Carburetor is 1.75" SU.

Front brake arrangement. TC back plates carry TD-TF twin leading shoe brakes. All eight brake shoes were bonded with the softest linings I could get. Air scoops duct cooling air to the shoes. I only had 2 good TC brake drums available, so bought a set of four new Datsun alloy drums [not shown.] while in the USA in 2001. These were machined by Andy King to fit the 6-stud TC hubs and narrowed a little to clear the back plates. I used DOT-5 brake fluid [silicone], as in TC-8233, and a TA master cylinder gives extra fluid capacity.
Stub axles were fitted with new pins from Bob Gruneau, and of course with new king pins and bushes. MGB wheel bearing shims fit the TC king pins, and allow the 0.004" maximum vertical play to be achieved. Rod ends are high-quality motor sport type (LH and RH pairs) to provide more precise steering, and fitted into solid steel track rod and drag link..