MG TC "Midget" roadster - chassis number TC/9477 - Rebuild 5

The bodywork was completed by Steve Gilbert, who replaced the heavily filled top scuttle - luckily I had a spare - and got the doors to fit, re-rolled one (new) rear wing to get the centre crease in the correct place, and, most impressive of all, made all the new aluminium panels ahead of the body tub. Steve is a real genius at this work. TC/9477 is shown in his workshop in the upper left photo, below.

The paint job was done in two-pack, and I chose a dark green from the old BMC colour range. Interior was all done by Joe at Unique Auto Trimming. Joe lives close at hand and carried out a lot of the work on the car at my workshop. He had my red car, TC/8233 as reference. All the interior is in green leather. Steve Gilbert  and Eric Worpe made the bucket seat shells in sheet steel, and Joe trimmed them. I had no seat slides so bought a set of stainless steel ones from Mike Collingburn.

The body-drop team for the painted body tub was, from left, David Irwin, Eric Worpe, and me.I had drilled the usual 3-mm locating holes through the tub irons and the chassis brackets, so that the tub went right back in the same place where it was when Steve Gilbert worked his magic on the car's panels.

At left are shown the new floor boards cut from marine ply, stained, and then given about six or seven coats of external semi-gloss varnish.

The step-up box for the speedo cable, and the stepped gear-lever are shown on the Ford 5-speed gearbox. A correct TC gearknob and standard TC gearbox cover keep the blasphemy hidden. Also visible, under the curve of the flexible cable, is one of the two plates linking the TC gearbox mounts to the Ford gearbox. Sliding spline tailshaft just visible between gearbox rear and transmission tunnel. Eric Worpe fitted a safety hoop inside the tunnel at this point.