MG TC "Midget" roadster - chassis number TC/9477 - Completed

Of the body panels ahead of the body tub, only the panels below the bonnet sides are in steel. The bonnet sides are secured to these with MG J2 spring-loaded catches. The cycle wings are extended on the inside, to reduce road spray onto the body. Instrument panel is standard, apart from passenger grab handle on the left.



Tonneau cover is in black double duck, and the black carpets are to original pattern, except that I had the edges sewn - something not done by the factory, but this was not a restoration to factory condition, but a special. For that reason I also allowed myself to fit an interior mirror, and this makes a convenient place to locate the centre fasteners for the tonneau cover. I kept these fasteners to a minimum, and used the higher quality Tenax, rather than Lift-the-Dot, fasteners. The four fasteners at the rear are in factory location. The two on each door and the one near the windscreen support, were the minimum to hold the cover tight. Careful manufacture of this cover means that no fasteners are needed on the Marilyn Monroe bumps.