MG TC "Midget" roadster - chassis number TC/9477 - Details



Manifold boost pressure gauge and turn indicator switch below the dash.


Standard TC gearbox cover.


Electric fan from SVC just squeezes in. Thermostat dial at left.



Moss reproduction "D-lamps", each modified to carry two stop lamps, type BA9, 23 Watt.


Awkward choke cable run could not be avoided. No slow running control. Copper tube is float bowl overflow.


Rear indicators are SVC Lucas L-874 on chromed stalks. Front indicators are inside the 1130 side lights.



Oiler for handbrake cables, attached to inside of body tub, not outside of tub as on standard car. Stainless exhaust.


Steering joints are left and right handed. Twin leading shoe conversion and finned drums.


Interior trim is all leather. Carpets not fitted in this photo.