TC/8233 completed

TC/8233 is now returned as close as possible to the state in which it was when it left the factory at Abingdon, England, on 21 March 1949. We do not know what colour it was painted then, as the factory records which remain do not carry this information, but it is now in MG Red using the 1949 colour formula obtained from a very helpful lady who maintains the old data records for ICI, the paint supplier in 1949.

The work took me about two and a half years part-time.  Completion was in late August 1999, and the UK licence authority, DVLA, allocated age-related licence plate DSL-591 in September 1999.These photographs were taken in September 1999.  [Tonneau bar, hood, and half-tonneau still to be fitted.]

This was its second birth [or maybe its third or fourth, who knows], 50 years and 6 months after the car was built by the MG factory.

Happy owner. I would like to have an original 3-spoke steering wheel, but the after-market "Brooklands" wheel looks nice.

No incorrect "extras" on this car, such as central rear-view mirror or passenger "panic-handle". The only non-original item in view is the white knob under the centre of the dash, for the turn indicators. [It's essential to have turn indicators to register a TC in England.] I wired the "Thirty-light" in front of the driver as the turn signal repeater light.

Well-known MG author, Malcolm Green, took the photos below, in September 2001. After I had fitted the hood frame, and got the side-screen frames right, I had the hood made in correct material, with the dimensions and position of the rear window determined from old factory photographs and checked against dimensions measured on an original hood by Bob Gruneau in Canada.